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SwissActive scam broker review

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The more actively the virtual sphere of financial services develops, the more traders come across ruthless swindlers, numerous fraudulent companies presenting themselves as brokers. In reality, however, it turns out that most stock brokers turn out to be financial thieves, and trading platforms, which they claim to be world famous and very popular among traders, are typical fakes.

One of these questionable exchange projects is a company called SwissActive. This trading platform is positioning itself as a well-known service provider in the field of various investment products. 

SwissActive scam broker review

The creators of SwissActive argue that working with them allows traders to join the trade on the world markets from anywhere in the world at any convenient time. Each of their clients SwissActive guarantees that it will protect against negative balance, as well as provide tight spreads and high speed of execution. 

On the home page of its official website, the dubious SwissActive broker begins the introduction with a boastful invitation to join the most advanced platform on the online exchange market.  The site promises that trading will be honest and safe.

SwissActive scam broker review

This is the typical approach of almost all scammers – scam sites are filled with ads, bragging phrases and appealing colorful slogans.  

The problem is that such low-grade brokerage sites are designed for traders who are just taking their first steps in stock market investing. Without experience, investors unconditionally believe beautiful sites, do not read reviews and check information from reliable sources. As a result, a long trail of defrauded traders lingers behind every such scammer, such as the dubious SwissActive project. 

You can’t take the word of an online broker who says that he is a well-known financial services provider and offers a lot of opportunities. To make sure that capital is not threatened, everything said should be thoroughly checked. As practice shows, in-depth analysis of every second broker indicates that we are facing a scammer. 

Such detailed reviews of companies that call themselves brokers help investors save their money and avoid the disappointment of encountering fraudsters. 

Types of trading accounts offered by SwissActive 

Users who have decided to start online trading on the platform offered by SwissActive broker should start with registration. Only then you can proceed to the selection of one of the types of trading accounts. There are only four of them – Basic, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

SwissActive scam broker review

As stated in the section, the broker does not charge customers of all types of trading accounts a commission per lot.

The message looks strange, because stockbrokers all over the world earn exactly on commission fees. Such information makes it clear that SwissActive follows several options: it has hidden commissions, includes its interest in payment for other services or, like many similar companies, simply prefers to cash in on startup deposits. In any scenario, as practice shows, swindlers use information about zero commissions for a pretty picture, which will attract customers, potential victims with capitals, which can be easily taken away.

The starting minimum deposit is $100.

The main types of account currencies are USD, EUR and GBP.

According to broker SwissActive, traders have the option to fund their accounts in their local currencies. In this case, any additional fees will also be absent. 

There is no information about the availability of a demo account, on which beginners can practice. This is strange, because in comparison to reputable brokers with a high reputation, it is common practice to have a practice free type of account.

SwissActive Trading conditions

SwissActive describes itself as a reputable financial services broker that has a lot to offer a trader. 

At first glance at the site, one would think that all trader’s dreams are fulfilled here.

SwissActive scam broker review

It is indicated that SwissActive has a professional support service and the ability to choose a personal trading strategy, and all services are quickly implemented. All in all, everything is painted in the most positive tones.

In fact, each point is a pattern of generalized phrases used by almost every scammer in the field of online trading.

The user is also offered an excellent trading platform and MetaTrader 4 terminal.

SwissActive scam broker review

SwissActive mentions access to trading via browser or mobile app, although this is a feature available to every customer of any online broker. Assurances of excellent data protection are impossible to verify immediately, but all other characteristics of the platform point to the unreliability of SwissActive. In general, in this section, everything is traditionally painted in the most praiseworthy tones.

With regard to trading instruments, SwissActive describes a lot of different investment products – FX, CFD (contract for difference), energy, precious metals and others.

SwissActive scam broker review

Clients are also offered to earn through various financial instruments: currency pairs, indices.

With special attention SwissActive describes their advantageous performance as they see it. 

They talk about striving to make the most of online trading with access to liquidity and successful risk management. The focus on SwissActive’s website is ostensibly on the company’s competitive advantages, but a closer look reveals that users are provided with typical traditional generalizations, without the specific information necessary for traders to work effectively.

Traders are allowed to use any available trading strategy, including professional trading, electronic advisors and scalping. 

All of this is laid out on the website of a dubious broker to attract the attention of the inexperienced trader who is ready to invest. 

SwissActive even indicates the leverage ratio of 1:30, as required by the respected financial regulators who issue licenses to brokers.

About the withdrawal procedure, the SwissActive website says that this service is only available to customers who have been verified. And here is where not only the capital is at risk, but also the personal legal data of the clients: the personalization of an account on the SwissActive platform is available only if you provide documents that confirm (or rather disclose) not only the identity, but also the address of the client

At the same time, the minimum and maximum amount for withdrawal is not specified. It is not known how quickly the money is deposited/withdrawn. The company’s financial policy document does not provide this information.

Experienced traders will immediately note that SwissActive actively practices fraud. One of such schemes is the affiliate program that offers money for advertising the company’s services, creating some sort of financial pyramid, a network of relatives and acquaintances. This is a cleverly planned trap for the capital of new clients.

The platform offers online assistant support or auxiliary signals for more successful trading operations. However, as a result, all the tips work against the trader and for the good of the broker. And the advisors do everything they can to make the client decide to make a larger investment.

SwissActive Licenses

Under Contacts, SwissActive lists 3 addresses – the main one and 2 branches. In Switzerland, Canada and the United Kingdom. There are no phone numbers. There is also a contact form on the website.

SwissActive scam broker review

The legend of SwissActive says that the company’s office is located in a skyscraper in London. However, users are not told which of the 40 floors SwissActive can be found if desired.

The site makes no mention of financial statements, management details or a certificate of incorporation.

There is a company registration number and a mention of the regulator.

Or rather, data that the site is owned by a certain Swiss One plus SA.

SwissActive scam broker review

The Terms and Conditions section says that SwissActive is just a brand. However, there is no written evidence of this connection.

SwissActive scam broker review

Let us turn for proof to the British regulator to which the company refers.

SwissActive scam broker review

As we can see, the UK registrar registry has no idea about the parent company of the SwissActive brand called Swiss One plus SA.

As for the period of activity, the company is also silent about this. 

Let’s check the data on the domain using WhoIs.

SwissActive scam broker review

Based on the data, the impression is that the site was created a few days or weeks ago. 

This confidence is strengthened as there is practically no information about the company with the website, but there are many mentions, mostly negative, about the company with exactly the same website, but with a different domain address –

This means that scammers use the practice of changing sites or names, common among con artists.

It is very dangerous and simply reckless to work with such an organization and even more so to trust your money.

SwissActive Reviews online

Again, there is no mention of SwissActive with on the Internet yet. 

SwissActive scam broker review

The most common resource among traders with reviews is empty.

Safety and security of funds with SwissActive

The lack of license, the lies in almost every clause of the terms of cooperation suggest that it is dangerous to work with such a dubious broker for monetary capital.


SwissActive is a scam broker. The company hides behind advertising which promises safe and reliable partnership. In reality the trader comes across the lack of official documents on the website, the lack of information about the registration on the regulator’s website and the lack of confirmation of the license.  Complete anonymity, as well as the date of registration is very alarming.

SwissActive does not specify financial matters. There are not even reviews, which occupy an overwhelming percentage among reliable sources of information about the company.

Working under such conditions with a dubious broker is dangerous for a trader’s finances and funds.

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  1. The company is okay, earned more then 3000$. I would recommend it!

  2. Everything seemed to start out just fine. I made the minimum deposit, worked out to a little over $300CAD. Was able to sign in whenever I wanted and checked my funds. In less than 3 months my money had doubled. Then they wanted me to deposit more money. I told them I wanted to make a withdrawal first to be sure that I could get my money back. Kept trying to talk me put of it. Finally explained to me what I had to do, and poof, nothing! I’ve tried several times to withdraw, no more contact from the company, I have made several attempts to contact them. Sure glad I didn’t “invest” more, I can’t really afford to lose what I did.

  3. SCAM!!!!

    $20,000 in investment and over 4,000 in profit over 4 months with them would have been kissed goodbye.
    Thank you ASSETPURSUE don’t know what I would have done

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