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SwissAllianceFX: traders’ reviews, platform analysis

SwissAllianceFX: traders’ reviews, platform analysis

Attention! The company is suspected of fraud

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 According to the creators of SwissAllianceFX, customers have always been the company’s top priority. Traders are promised professional service, using advanced technologies to protect personal data. However, if you look at the reviews about this broker, you will be shocked! Users note that SwissAllianceFX is cheating and does not allow you to earn a penny. From the review, you will find out whether it is worth registering on this platform and replenishing a deposit account here.

SwissAllianceFX web resource

Based on whois checks, the SwissAllianceFX website launched at the end of 2020, but the latest update date is November 2021. At the same time, the first reviews of traders appeared. Most likely, the broker has been working since that time. The company does not provide information about top managers or a roadmap. SwissAllianceFX also does not provide plans for further development.

SwissAllianceFX: traders' reviews, platform analysis

Of the available contacts, only the feedback form and email. The company is clearly not intended to conduct a constructive dialogue with users and help them with solving technical and financial issues. Trader reviews confirm this.

The site itself is not credible. It has a bad design and information component. Specialized services evaluate this web resource for a penny.

What information is known about SwissAllianceFX?

SwissAllianceFX is a secretive company. The site does not even have a legal address. The broker does not provide copies of the certificate of incorporation and license. It is not clear where this company is located, which regulates and controls its activities.

Judging by the information on the platform, the broker is guided by the legislation of the European zone. Note that each EU country has its own rules and regulators. But SwissAllianceFX is not licensed by any of the regulatory authorities. Moreover, in Spain, CNMV has already publicly declared that this company is a fraudulent company. The company is blacklisted, traders are not recommended to cooperate with it.

SwissAllianceFX: traders' reviews, platform analysis

It is also worth paying attention to the internal documents of SwissAllianceFX:

  • “Terms and Conditions”;
  • “Privacy Policy”;
  • “Bonus Agreement”;
  • “Anti-money laundering”, etc.

All conditions in the documents are directed against customers! This bogus broker made it so that you couldn’t earn a single penny.

Trading conditions

SwissAllianceFX offers WebTrader for trading. Clients are promised comfortable trading. However, in the reviews, users write that this is a manipulated software that scammers use to steal money.

To lure beginners, attackers use a demo account where you can practice without risks. They imitate profitable trading and convince them to make investments. After that, real trading in currency pairs, indices, metals, futures, energy, stocks will be available. Fraudsters have set a high entry threshold – 10,000 euros. They understand that their project will soon succumb under the onslaught of negative reviews. Rogues are in a hurry to steal other people’s money. Trading features are:

  • initial deposit – from 10,000 to 100,000 euros;
  • bonus – from 25%;
  • minimum monthly return – from 15%;
  • personal Account Manager;
  • some accounts provide webinars, daily market analysis, Risk & Money Management, etc.

There is no payment discipline on the platform. The broker does not allow you to withdraw not only profit, but also personal investments.

What are the reviews?

Reviews about this broker are negative, and traders from various countries speak badly about it. SwissAllianceFX tried to expand its geography as much as possible, reaching both English-speaking and Russian-speaking users.

SwissAllianceFX: traders' reviews, platform analysis
SwissAllianceFX: traders' reviews, platform analysis
SwissAllianceFX: traders' reviews, platform analysis

Fraudulent scheme

This fake broker is looking for newbies who will believe in empty promises and replenish the deposit account. They impose bonuses, which are simply unrealistic to work out! This is clearly stated in the “User Agreement”, however, many traders do not carefully read the terms when registering on the platform. This is what the main bet is made on.

In addition, a personal manager is assigned to each client, who should help in trading. However, in fact, this scammer will quickly drain the trader’s deposit to zero. It is also impossible to withdraw funds from the account. As soon as the user submits a withdrawal request, his personal account will be blocked. It is useless to contact the regulatory body, because the office is fake. There is only hope for the help of chargeback service specialists.

Review results

SwissAllianceFX is a fraudulent brokerage organization. The scammers do not provide legal information, the company operates without a certificate of incorporation and license. In the reviews, traders write that this financial partner cannot be trusted. The platform works exclusively for input, it is impossible to withdraw funds from the platform.

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